Sponsored Racers 2021

Skiing can be a very costly enterprise. It gets more and more expensive with every step on the pathway. A pair of FIS skis will cost you over £900 retail and you're going to need more than 1 pair.

In 2018 we identified 9 Scottish based skiers that we knew had the potential and commitment to achieve their goals.  We were able to help them with their kit and advice where needed.  This year we were delighted to see that the majority of them have been now been picked for the Scotland Squads for season 20/21.

This year we have identified another 7 racers as part of our ongoing support programme that we think have potential to achieve their goals. 

We are only a small part of the racer's support and most credit for any success goes to the Racer, their parent/s and their coaches.

This year we have also been able to set up deals with the major suppliers to be able to support the Scottish Ski Team with kit.